Why Rihanna?! Why!?


Did anyone check out Rihanna over the weekend? Did yall see what she had on? If you missed it I will post a pic of it in a minute but off all the things to wear though. Over the weekend Ri Ri attended the CFDA awards which is the Council of Fashion Designers of America and she shows up in some sheer thing with her that exposes her breasts and most of her privates. The only thing that covers her ‘Front’ was a piece of fur that was wrapped around her waist.

She had to be voted the worst dressed!! My thing is we are black people, were already cast in a negative light right? So why give the rest of the world something to talk about, or is everything a Publicity stunt? If  it was, Why? She looked horrible, basically she was wearing a  sheer shower curtain  with some sparkles and glitter and thats putting it mildly. Anyhow here go the pic


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